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Howdy, former followers (all two, three of you? I dunno.) Anyway, after a good couple of months of being under the weather and generally bored with the internet and feeling I had nothing to contribute, I feel like I am ready to get back into the swing of things again. I can’t believe it’s already (basically) February. For me, thanks to massive flu after already recovering from Pneumonia just two months prior, January has been the worst on record. Also very slow business-wise.

I did just celebrate my birthday yesterday, though, and had a pretty good day of it overall, so that’s the one silver lining.

I still plan on still many random videogame/toy/art/nerd posts to pad things out, but I’m going to try and make this blog a little more of a personal/diary journal than it has been, putting myself out there a little more, due to various recent (and old) developments in my life that I am slowly growing more comfortable with discussing. as time moves forward. I’ll still be constantly posting cool artwork and toys and whatever stuff I deem cool on a weekly. Perhaps I’ll just be focusing things overall a little bit more, going a bit more personal here and there. Assuming I don’t quickly bore of it, which, desperately needing a forum to articulate my thought processes, I truly hope I don’t, I shall see you on the flipside!

Not sure as yet if my plan is to be posting on a daily, weekly, or every-other-day schedule, but I will hopefully figure that one out in the coming days…

Thanks for reading!

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