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My Design Work – Go there. Look
My Personal Blog – You are here.
My Rock & Roll Band – Makin’ rad tunes with rad dudes at stuff. Like it.
My Twitter Profile
– Stream of consciousness
My Profile – My questionable taste in measurable, scientific data charts
My LinkedIn Profile
– For Business Contacts and whatnot.
My Amazon Wishlist – Things on my “to buy” list
My Netflix Queue – See what serialized cartoons I’m renting this week

Friend Links

Duane Deering Dot Com – Duane will act (well) for you. Cast him in your movie/sitcom/play
Cut Out and Collect – Cheyne sews and makes stuff with her bear hands. She has bear hands.
JacksonKnife – Brian is a cool dude and into cool stuff too. Check out his blog.
Lazer – These crazy dudes introduced me to German hot tits, Mike Snyder and a whale.

More to come…

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