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Teaser image for upcoming Freddy and Jason Bishoujo figures from Kotobukiya. Looking awesome! Can’t wait to see the actual sculpts! Being a big Nightmare fan, I’ll definitely be getting Freddy. I’ll have to wait and see on the Jason… Assuming you will be able to get them seperately…


To commemorate this weekends’ Dallas Scifi Expo, it’s the VERY spectacular… Spider-Woman!



This could double as a “Gettin’ ’em” post.. Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo line continues to put out some of the most dynamic and visually appealing plastic versions of sexy ladies, from Star Wars to Ghostbusters, all initially illustrated by master artist Shunya Yamushita. Here are three upcoming releases I will be picking up. (Never thought I’d ever consider anything Jubilee-related “sexy”, but there you go…)




Megahouse’s “Amazon”, from the videogame Dragon’s Crown. Crazy!


I’ve always loved Dazzler!

Earlier last month, photographer Jay Tablante and his crew, Raffy & Ara, flew in from the Philippines for NYCC and to do an epic shoot with cosplayers Yaya Han, Riki Lecotey, Megan Marie and Marie Claude Bourbonnais. During the nine hour shoot, Jay shot over 10 costumes, most of which were Marvel characters.

Dazzler, Wasp, Domino, Phoenix

Lindsay Marie drew up the concept for Zombie Girl on paper and then proceeded to make her into reality (on herself) by using makeup, hair dyes, hair accessories, and a big bat prop that’s mounted on her chest. Batman would be proud. Via Beverly Hills Honeys.

Giada DeLaurentis. Chef. Other Assets. My new #1. Thank you friends for introducing me.

This single piece of promotional art contains almost every fetish I have. Hot Chick, Foreign, Nurse, Heels, Blood. Literally I think all it’s missing is some kind of cosmic monster.

Catherine is a somewhat under-the-radar and unconventional title for the Playstation, due to its’ sexual situations (nothing too hardcore, nothing more than a PG-13) It’s basically a Tetris ot Jenga-like puzzle game with a pretty interesting story between levels. I’ve actually been enjoying it a lot, other than the difficulty. Looking forward to how the storyline resolves. And, of course, Catherine is hot. So is Katherine. Pretty crazy relationship drama in between life or death puzzle solving. Definitely a unique game… Recommended if you want a serious challenge…

Final Fantasy XIII-2 looks more promising by the day. Even better, new awesome Kai toys are on the way. Here is Lightning in her FF13-2 getup, looking ready for some serious battle. Can’t wait to see the other character designs. This one’s already pre-ordered! It’s nice to see a character armor design where the chest is covered up and not hanging out all over the place ready to get Mastectomosized!

Les Queues de Sardines are an original range of tights notable for their unconventional and unique graphic style. Add a pinch of narrative humor – the result is a choice of elegant and eye-catching tights that will dress up your legs with an unusual stylish and bold pattern. Screen-printed by hand in limited quantities on a farm in rural France by Olivier and Marion, these rare and exclusive articles will never go unnoticed.

Pretty sweet. Order some for your ladyfriend here.

After all the leaked Scarlett Johannsen pics controversy, I was reminded how unnaturally hot ScarJo is. Here are some bonerific pics, including one of the leaked image. I think number 8 is my favorite, very 80’s and atypical. Enjoy!

This is pretty Epic. A mystery of a generation, one potentially to follow in her mother and father’s footsteps, for better or worse (Likely worse.) Hopefully¬† she’s got her heard screwed on straight, but we will see in time. She’s definitely stunning. Presenting the beautiful and enigmatic Francis Bean Cobain.

Hey Look, it’s Super-Sexy Japanese Disco Pop Diva Ami Suzuki! Yay.

Yup, it’s Carrie Fisher, in the amazingly short period of her life in which she was actually attractive. In fact, I think I feel my nerfs herding right now.

Absolutely beautiful Poison Ivy statue from Kotobukiya. Fuckin’ A. ‘Nuff said.

For Hawt Friday: Check out these rad bikinis by Pale Horse! Yayse!

Photos from “You Better Not Play With The Earth”, by Photographer Klaus Kampert. Check out the full series in the gallery below. Astounding.

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