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I meant to post these last week. Once again, Mondotees has managed to completely torture me with more incredible posters and 0% chance of actually managing to snag one.

When Mondo started doing classic Star Trek episodes awhile back, I was specifically looking forward to these two episodes. The Mirror, Mirror poster by Tomer Hanuka is absolutely flawless. There is nothing more I can add. I really, really wish I could have picked up one.

The Menagerie poster, however, I love/hate. While technically extremely well done and pretty, I get the feeling the artist (Mike Saputo) doesn’t know much about the episode (which is, hands-down, my #1 favorite classic Star Trek episode.) The puffy headed aliens being central is fine, but squandering the opportunity to also feature the ridiculously beautiful and central character Vina is a bit of a shame. As is relegating Spock, Vina and (young) Captain Pike, easily the three most important characters in The Menagerie, to background details. The aliens and (awkwardly placed) paralyzed Captain Pike being the featured visuals here just lead me to believe this wasn’t much a labor of love. Then again, I could be totally wrong. I just feel that while it is a great looking poster on its own, it’s not a great representation of the episode. Anyway…

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